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Forrest J. Ackerman Update

UPDATE: Locus Online is was reporting that well-known science fiction fan and collector Forrest J. Ackerman has had passed away — but they have since retracted the story.

Apolgies for perpetuating an unsubstantiated rumor. The good news is that Forry is still with us.

My first encounter with Forry was through the pages of Perry Rhodan, which he helped bring over to the U.S. Of the several of those I read, I really enjoyed his introductions and afterwords — his love for all things genre dripped off the pages and helped renew my own interest. And for that, I thank him.

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2 Comments on Forrest J. Ackerman Update

  1. He’s not dead yet. He’s getting better.

  2. My first encounter with 4SJ Ack-ER Man was “Famous Monsters of Filmland”, IIRC. I started reading the Perry Rhodan’s when they showed up in the racks of the local drugstore (we had no bookstores nearby for years). I mostly read them for the introductions, the news bits, the reprints of classic tales and the “New Lensman” serial. Later I collected all that I could find.


    He is the fan’s fan. Hope he recovers!

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