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How To Gain Fans: Cha$e

Last week I criticized Legend of the Seeker for it’s apparent attempt to make it as difficult as possible for new fans to find and sample the show (which was the point, not that episodes cost $2 on iTunes). Well now we have a new show that is doing it right: Cha$e. Cha$e is a new ‘reality’ show on Sci Fi where a group of Runners must outlast the Hunters (sadly not called Sandmen and come on, the Runners are ‘terminated’. Where’s Francis 7 when you need him?) in a giant game of hide-and-seek crossed with Running Man, only with a lot less Arnold and a lot more cheese.

Still, the concept was intriguing enough to me to want to watch the premier last night, but I completely forgot about it. So, as any self-respecting geek would do, I head over the tubes to see if I could find it. Turns out, yes, yes I can. Not only is on Sci Fi’s Rewind service, it’s also on Hulu, in all its embeddable goodness. So now you can watch the premier too!

Now this is how you make it easy for new viewers to find and watch your show. Less than thirty seconds on the Google and you can find the episode to watch. Well done.

And I have to say I find Cha$e to be watchable in a light, throw-away sense. They’ll have to keep finding interesting locations and people to keep it diverting otherwise it loses a lot of attraction. I also liked that the Runners had various ‘tech’ available to them to thwart the Hunters for a short time. And, it appears to be family friendly, at least for my oldest son, who expressed an interest in watching it. I’d say ‘sure!’

But what I’d really like to know is just what are the rules and logistics for how the game actually is run behind the scenes, and not the edited version we see. For instance, each Runner and Hunter has a cameraman following them around. How hard would it be to spot the guy with 20lb. camera on his back as opposed to the actual Runner/Hunter? And I’m interested in knowing how the producers keep track of who has used what piece of ‘tech’ and where each person in. Technology geeks want to know.

Still, for something to pass the time, I’ll probably keep tuning in, or at least watching it on the web over a lunch. Because with Cha$e, I can.

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3 Comments on How To Gain Fans: Cha$e

  1. Hmm, I found the show boring and rather contrived. I guess I’m not in an ‘easily amused’ mood right now (normally I’m sure you know I am!)

  2. Man I hate living outside the US. I’m on a military base in Korea so, of course, I can’t see anything streamed. This sounds like it might be interesting who know, not me! Looking forward to returning home and all the crap I can watch on the tube.


  3. Argh! Bloody services limited to the US. Why not just stream the damn thing using a torrent service?! That way the provider doesn’t have to pay for the bandwith.

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