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New ‘Up’ Trailer

After releasing the wonderful Wall-E, what would you do for your next movie? If you’re Pixar, you have no where to go but Up. 78 year old Carl Fredricksen seems to be the stereotypical old codger (I imagine this is Tim in his old age), wondering what happened to his life. Until one day, a startling event and a ‘wrong place, wrong time’ 8 year old Wilderness Explorer gives Carl to live a life of adventure. The teaser has been out for awhile, now take a gander at the first full trailer:

I can’t say that I’m terribly pumped for this movie, although being Pixar, I’m probably going to be at the theater, most likely dragging my kids along. I will say the CGI, as usual, looks incredible. The shots of all the balloons in motion is excellent. I’d like to know a bit more about the plot, but if it’s up to the usual Pixar standard, it will be good at least, and probably much better than that.

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  1. Matte Lozenge // November 8, 2008 at 8:51 pm //

    Is Pixar getting its inspiration from Windsor McCay? The cantankerous homeowner reminds me of the phlegmatic “house pilot” of McCay’s Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend: The Flying House. McCay’s cartoon seems slow-paced to us now, but in its day it was amazing eye candy just as much as Pixar is in the present.

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