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Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II Clips

Who doesn’t love themselves some Robot Chicken Star Wars? No one! That’s why the new Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II will be premiering November 16th on Cartoon Network, be sure to tune in. And now, thanks to The, we bring you the following clips. The first one you can skip ahead to just after the 1:00 minute mark to get to Seth Green…

And now for some hot Emperor action:

Boba Fett isn’t about to be out done:

You rock Boba!

And finally, the asthmatic himself has his own clip:

Pew pew indeed.

For my money, Boba Fet’s clip is the best here, darn funny. Of course, Robot Chicken is, itself, darn funny, and I bet they can milk a lot of comedy out of Star Wars, especially the prequels…

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  1. those clips were SO funny. I love robot chicken and I can”t wait untill it comes on. I CAN”T WAIT!

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