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SF Tidbits for 11/16/08

  • Frank Sinatra Meets Harlan Ellison! No, it’s not a fictional story. Esquire has published the complete 1966 article Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, which recounts a tense encounter between Sinatra’s and Harlan Ellison. [via Scott Edelman]
  • Free Fiction [courtesy of QuasarDragon]:
    • Concept Sci-Fi has a new issue out featuring new fiction by Sean Williams, Gareth L. Powell, Pavelle Wesser, Lee Gimenez, Terry Ray, G. O Clark, Andrew Males, and Ashley Hibbert.
    • @Online Pulps!: “Sky Goddess” by Clive Trent (1937).
    • Audio Fiction:
      • @Pseudopod: “Sick Day” by Michael Chant, read by Elie Hirschman.
      • @LibriVox: Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne, read by Alex C. Telander.
      • Zombie Astronaut has more audio fiction up today including Blood Lines and Karel Capek’s “War With The Newts.”
  • M. John Harrison reviews Stephen King’s Just After Sunset: “Horror needs victims and, like Hitchcock before him, King is more than happy to provide them.”
  • At The Fix, James Van Pelt asks: What Are You Writing For?
  • George Takei will be appearing in the British reality show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, in which celebrities live in jungle.
  • Though they may probably be removed by the time you read this, you can catch the new Star Trek trailer here, here, or here. The official trailer should be available on Monday.
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