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SF Tidbits for 11/3/08

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3 Comments on SF Tidbits for 11/3/08

  1. RE: James Nicoll is calling for titles of right-wind science fiction books.



    At first, I thought you might have meant right-mind, but then that didn’t make much sense either. I mean, what would left-mind science fiction books be around? Starships that had a broken starboard turning signal, and could only make turns to port?

    So I clicked on the link…and it’s right-wing science fiction books.


    I totally agree with Starship Troopers though as an example.

    Best wishes, Morjana

  2. Right wind is better than wrong wind, if you know what I mean.  🙂


    Thanks for the correction.

  3. You know, the interesting thing about that typo is when I clicked it I had a clear picture of what it meant in my head.  I figured it had to be something to do jokes (likely fart jokes or something along those lines) and right wing politics in science fiction…maybe I was just going too far with all that, but that’s what I was actually thinking when i clicked the link.

    Maybe this is one of those revolutionary typos that will change the face of the Interwebs forever…just like all those other words I seem to have forgotten all of a sudden (probably because they’ve become permanent memebers of my vocabulary…).


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