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Tim Kring Apologizes to Fans (Again)

Apparently, Heroes creator Tim Kring is sending apology emails to some bloggers (not us) for his remarks last week. (See: Tim Kring Blames Audience for the Suckage That is Heroes).

Here’s the apology:

I need to strongly apologize for the slightly mangled quote of mine that is making it’s way around the internet. It was made while trying to explain the rise in DVR and online audience for the show. I was making the point that these platforms now offer a superior way to watch the show (without commercials, with extra content, commentary, at the audience’s convenience, etc.) And went on to say how it’s getting to the point where “watching the show on the air is relegated to the poor saps and dip****s who can’t figure out how to program their DVR’s”. (Or something close to that) It was a boneheaded attempt at being “cute” and making a point. Instead, it turned out to be just plain insulting and stupid. I know now how it sounded, but I truly never meant to suggest anything negative about our audience. No one cares more about the fans than we do at Heroes, and no one appreciates them more than me. We are grateful for whatever way people are finding our show. Now more than ever.

I want to take this opportunity to say that I’m very sorry for this careless, lame remark. The best way to make it up to you is to live up to my promise that the upcoming episodes of the show are fantastic. I think you’ll agree we’re really on a roll and we couldn’t be more excited about the last four episodes of “Villains” and the upcoming volume, “Fugitives”, which we feel will be a huge hit with the audience.

Thank you for hearing me out.


Tim Kring

This isn’t the first time Kring has needed to apologize to fans. Has there ever been another show creator who has apologized as much as Kring?

One commenter elsewhere says, this is nothing more than damage control and unacceptable.

What do you think?

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5 Comments on Tim Kring Apologizes to Fans (Again)

  1. I think whatever he said wouldn’t matter that much if he actually made a decent show. He’s been apologizing and making excuses since the first season. I feel pretty confident that he’s actually not very talented and the popularity of the first season was a result of a crazy backstory plus the very serialized format that he’s railing against now.

  2. I think John’s made the interesting point: he DOES spend an astonishing amount of time apologizing for things.

    Heroes could come outta the gate next season and really grand slam, and then I’d go back and watch it. Good writing trumps all, it really does. But I need the good writing, not the apology. Sorry, Tim. PLEASE go hire Brian Michael Bendis, honest, he’s the perfect comic book writer for a show like Heroes.

  3. Here’s what Topless Robot thinks.

  4. *yawn* If I’m interested in a show, I watch it. If not, I don’t. I don’t care what the people involved think or say or do, or what is reported they think or say or do. Why should I?


  5. Moonbase_Alpha // November 25, 2008 at 8:32 pm //

    It’s obvious the producers of the show just don’t give a crap and never have since episode 1. The major element of this week and next, an eclipse, is shown occurring backwards. Going in the wrong direction. Over and over and over again. Seriously, how many brain cells would it have taken to show this correctly?

    Last night Sylar spoke the line “I hate Heroes”. I couldn’t say it any better myself.

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