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At The (Japanese) Trailer Park: Dragonball Evolution, Terminator Salvation

Today we have two Japanese trailers for your enjoyment. You can decide to thank me or not afterwards.

First up, Dragonball Evolution, which is a live-action version of the anime Dragonball Z. From what I can of the anime, it looks like it consists of a couple of minutes of fighting, crammed in between 4 episodes of exposition. Admittedly, I’ve never seen an episode completely, so I could be wrong.

Bad doesn’t begin to do this ‘movie’ justice. Horrendous, fantastically awful and train-wreck come to mind. And is it just me, or was anyone else waiting for Chow Yun(Chew the)-Fat to say, “When you can snatch the dragonball from my hand you are ready.”

Fresh off the mega-hit The Dark Knight, it’s Christian Bale as John Connor in Terminator Salvation.

First, when JC was asked “Who are you?”, I really really really wanted him to answer, “I’m Batman!” Second, JC, when talking to what appears to be a Terminator, should have said “My name is John Connor. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Sadly, TS appears to be a serious movie…

I will say the motorcycles look rather cool. Much like the motorcycle from a movie I saw over the summer…right! The Dark Knight. I guess this could be a decent movie. I like Bale as an actor, but I’m unsure about the ‘alternate dimension/time travel’ vibe here.

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2 Comments on At The (Japanese) Trailer Park: Dragonball Evolution, Terminator Salvation

  1. As for DBZ, it not like the original anime and spin offs were cartoon masterpieces but wow…..I don’t know where to start – but I predict this will be an overall failure.

  2. These both look pretty terrible. I’m not digging the Transformers element of this new Terminator movie.

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