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Minority Report Interface Prototype

You all remember the cool ‘gesture’ interface Tom Cruise uses in Minority Report, but if you don’t, here’s a (very) brief clip showing it:

Along comes Oblong Industries, whose Chief Science Officer, John Underkoffler was the science adviser for Minority Report. He must have really liked the idea behind the gesture based OS from the movie, because Oblong has just released this really cool demonstration of G-Speak. According to their website, G-Speak’s “combination of gestural i/o, recombinant networking, and real-world pixels brings the first major step in computer interface since 1984.” Strong stuff there. But look for yourself.

Just, wow. Imagine a video front end to your cable that sits on a wall in your house. You could have that incredible 3D representation of all the channels to fly through, then choose which channel you want, then throw it onto the TV of your choice.

I’d imagine the possibilities for non-linear editing of audio and video would be endless. And cool. We probably won’t see this in wide use any time soon, but it’s still cool to think about.

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  1. Actually, that interface was seen even earlier, in TekWar and Earth: Final Conflict.

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