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NBC’s New SF-ish Show, Kings

You have to hand it to NBC, with most of their shows struggling to gain viewers, they’ve been willing to give SF-tinged shows a try: Heroes, Knight Rider, Chuck, My Own Worst Enemy and now Kings.

Kings looks to be set in an alternate or near future Earth, with part of the planet ruled over by The Royal Kingdom. Here’s the trailer (a much longer trailer can be seen at the previous link):

From what I see, this looks like a drama that just happens to be set in an alternate Earth, where the manufactured hero becomes a revolutionary. From a SF fan standpoint, I’d say this is a smart move on NBC’s part, placing the story on a different, but similar Earth, allows for SF-tinged elements to be used, but to also avoid the overt SF tropes that many people just don’t like on TV. Of course, the show will live or die depending on the writing and how many people NBC can entice into watching the first few episodes. I’d say the trailer isn’t a knock-out from that perspective, but it’s enough to intrigue me.

Kings premiers on March 19 at 9pm (8pm Central).

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5 Comments on NBC’s New SF-ish Show, Kings

  1. Hmmm. I will give it a look. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. We don’t know enough…but it is intriguing, I agree.

  3. Paging the law firms representing the estate of Roger Zelazny and representing Charles Stross…I smell a case coming up…

  4. If it’s good then it will quickly be canceled.

    I may tune in several years after it catches on and I’m told by at least twelve people it’s good, just to avoid the disappointment.

  5. Might be worth tuning in for a bit. That being said, having only read the premise above, I’m a little worried it has high potential to stray into soap opera territory – a parallel universe version of Dynasty (complete with big 80’s hair) or something equally horrific.


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