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New Star Wars:The Old Republic Video Makes Me Giddy

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or just aren’t into games, you’ve heard that Bioware and LucasArts have teamed up to work on a new MMO game set in the Star Wars universe, entitled Star Wars: The Old Republic. Up to now, all we’ve had are screenshots and blog entries about the game, but that changed over the weekend when Bioware released a short ‘documentary’ about SWTOR and their ideas for the game.

The video below the jump (placed there because it autoplays) gives a bit more detail about the combat (with some fast paced footage), the focus on story, companion characters and the role of choice in the game.

With the focus on a more personal storyline and action-oriented combat, it appears the Bioware is trying to bring the things that make for good single-player role playing games into the world of MMOs. All you have to do is play Knights of the Old Republic (and if you haven’t, you really, really should) and you can the ideas behind SWTOR in action.

I may be a fan boy, but I’m really pumped about this game. Setting the game 4000 years before the movies is a great move, as it allows for much more freedom for game design and therefore for the players as well. If they can nail down the combat, making it fast yet fun, plus lots of saber and Force play (hmm, I should have called this post ‘Force Play’), then they will have an awesome game on their hands. I know I’ll be coming back to the MMO game world for this game.

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