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SF Tidbits for 12/6/08

  • The Art of the Title Sequence examines the opening sequence of Soylent Green, the 1973 film adaptation of Harry Harrison’s overpopulation story, Make Room! Make Room!
  • John Joseph Adams, editor of the upcoming anthology Federations, interviews John C. Wright about his included story, “Twilight of the Gods”.
  • Suvudu has 5 questions for Eldon Thompson (The Divine Talisman).
  • Night Shade Books announces a new partnership with Electric Velocipede
  • Free Fiction [courtesy of QuasarDragon]
  • Sue Lange asks: What Happened to Mundane SF?
  • Over at The Swivet, guest-blogger and editor Lou Anders talks about The Author/Editor Relationship
  • Tobias Buckell hits the New York Times bestseller list with Halo: The Cole Protocol. Congrats, Toby!
  • Over at the Discover Magazine blog, Carl Zimmer is Searching for the Great Science Fiction Movie: “My favorite science fiction movies generally deal in some really, really bad science. Laws of physics are regular flouted. Aliens make no physiological sense. That’s because the directors are just using fragments of science to assemble fiction that reach down deep inside us, not to our internal database of scientific facts, but to our addiction to beautiful images and human stories. Science fiction movies are not really about science.”
  • Superhero films are more than just box-office moneymakers, they are also Oscar contenders as well.
  • At SciFi Scanner, Mary Robinette Kowal looks at Fantasy Movie Creatures.
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