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The Matrix Explained…by Will Ferrell

I re-watched The Matrix trilogy recently. (Go, go, gadget Blu-ray!) It wasn’t as bad as I remember or as people made it out to be. [Ducks for cover.]

Here’s the Architect’s speech.

Compare and contrast this blob of doublespeak with Will Ferrell’s version from the 2003 MTV Music Awards:

[via Joost Schuur]

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4 Comments on The Matrix Explained…by Will Ferrell

  1. The Matrix was not bad as a whole. For my opinion it was that the art direction and story continuity of movies two and three did not match the first movie. I saw movies two and three more as marketing merchendising vehicles than a continuation of the story. (i.e. same problem the Star Wars prequels had.)

    Yes the idea is to make money. I realize that. But when the following movies feel disjointed from the original I feel that the viewer becomes de-immersed from the world.

    Just so I don’t let any of my fans down (Tim), here is a graphic loosely representative of my opinion:

  2. I don’t know what the hell the 3rd movie was about but the 2nd is a love story. If you try to watch it as a love story it is not that bad.

  3. Huh…I watched it as a robots vs. humans flick.  The worst thing I could say, besides some the aforementioned mumbo-jumbo, was that the pacing of the fisrt part of the 3rd film was slow.  However, given that films 2 and 3 tell a single story and film 2 ended on a huge action sequence, that’s kind of understandable.


    That said, I can se the love story angle as well.

  4. “the 2nd is a love story”

    Yeah, I love kung fu. End of story.

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