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Top 10 SF Signal Posts for November 2008

Here are The Top 10 SF Signal Posts for November 2008:

  1. Robot Chicken Star Wars: Episode II Clips
  2. Do Science Fiction Fans Hate Libraries?
  3. MIND MELD: Speculative Fiction Books Worth Reading Twice
  4. MIND MELD: Who are the Most Memorable Characters in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror?
  5. I’m Ready for Ridley Scott’s Apology Now
  6. Tim Kring Blames Audience for the Suckage That is Heroes
  7. The Official Star Trek Trailer Debuts
  8. Friday YouTube: 5 Disturbing Things You Didn’t Know About William Shatner
  9. Star Wars/John Williams A Cappella Tribute
  10. Science Fiction vs. SciFi?

Looking at the top overall hits, while ignoring those listed above, we get these stats for older posts that were popular in November…

  1. The Top 10 Science Fiction Anime
  2. SF/F Writers Who Blog
  3. MIND MELD: What are the Most Controversial SF/F Novels of the Past & Present?
  4. Foundation: The Movie
  5. Oh Wolverine, Why Can’t You Be True?
  6. Free SciFi Movies
  7. MIND MELD: Is Science Fiction Responsible for the Lack of Public Interest in Space Exploration?
  8. REVIEW: The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
  9. Heroes Season 2 Officially Sucks
  10. Outbreak: Interactive Online Zombie Game
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