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Hyperion Film Gets A Director

Last April we noted that Dan Simmons’ awesome Hyperion Cantos had been optioned by Warner Bros. to be brought to the big screen. Things must be moving behind the scenes as Warner Bros. has tapped Scott Derrickson to direct. Derrickson’s last film was the forgettable The Day The Earth Stood Still. Having not seen that movie, I can’t comment on whether Derrickson is a good director or not. But damn, this will be a hard one to direct.

The writer will be Trevor Sands, who will be adapting both Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion all into one movie. Good luck with that. The sheer breadth and scope of the books cannot possibly be handled by any movie that is roughly 2, or even 2 1/2 hours long. It’s just not going to happen. Inevitably, something will have to go. I’m guessing characters will be dropped or condensed and all the stories from the first book will be either axed or only referenced in passing. Then, the conflict with the Ousters will be blow up (heh) into a summer, science fiction SFX extravaganza! You could say I’m skeptical. I see Sands has written a movie I’ve never seen, but more interesting is that he has worked on the adaptations for Six Million Dollar Man and Startide Rising (which is another of my top 10 SF books, something I’d love to see on the big screen and probably not possible to do the book justice). Sands looks to have some SF pedigree, but the lack of his screenplays actually being made into movies isn’t reassuring.

I’ll stay skeptical, but I will continue to watch this. For something fun, let’s resurrect the casting game from the original post! Who do you think should play:

The Consul

Brawne Lamia

Sol Weintraub and his daughter Rachel

Marting Silenus

Colonel Kassad

Father Hoyt

The Shrike (I’m guessing CGI Andy Serkis again. He certainly has a face for CGI! J/K Andy!)

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14 Comments on Hyperion Film Gets A Director

  1. I’d also add the Keats cybrid, Het Masteen and Paul Dure to the list.

  2. Having made the mistake of seeing The Day the Movie Sucked, I’m really uneasy about this film – beyond the fact that I agree, a regular-length movie just wouldn’t cut it. This is the kind of story that needs a one-week, 2-hour-per-episode miniseries. Ultimately, playing the casting game might be more enjoyable than the film, but here are my picks:

    The Consul – John Cusack
    Brawne Lamia – Rosario Dawson
    Sol Weintraub – Gene Wilder (Watch Murder in a Small Town if you don’t believe he can pull it off)
    Rachel Weintraub (adult) – Jessica Brooks
    Martin Silenus – Danny Devito
    Colonel Fedmahn Kassad – Oded Fehr
    Father Lenar Hoyt – Edward Norton
    the John Keats cybrid(s) – Jamie Bamber
    Father Paul Dure – Robert Duval
    Het Masteen – Chow Yun Fat

    and let’s not forget some of the other key supporting players:

    Meina Gladstone – Lauren Becall
    Sad King Billy – Terry Jones
    Governor Theo Lane – David Tennant
    The Bishop of the Church of Final Atonement/the Shrike Cult – Bill Duke

    I’d also nominate Nathan Fillion for Raul Endymion if things ever got that far.

    And yeah, actually a CG’d Andy Serkis would probably do nicely for the Shrike.


  3. I’d rather not comment in detail and instead turn a blind eye to the fact that this masterpiece is going to be torn apart by the Hounds of Hollywood. Hyperion, R.I.P.

  4. Matte Lozenge // January 31, 2009 at 8:52 am //

    Major fail. Look, there are a million hack sci-fi stories that would suit a hack director, hack screenwriter and Hollywood’s bottom line. Turn one of those into your next overproduced CGI extravaganza. You don’t really have to trample one of science fiction’s masterpieces into the muck and trash. Let’s just leave this one in development hell.

  5. weyland yutani // January 31, 2009 at 4:42 pm //

    Despite my reservations, my curiosity got the best of me and  I recently saw The Day the Earth Stood Still remake.    The work on that film does not inspire confidence for this director.   Apart from some nice X-Files lighting here and there, it was fairly unremarkable and looked like it was a patchwork of ideas that they tried to fit into the film.    Blatant use of CGI.    An overacting child actor.  Ridiculous treatment of GORT.   Generic action.

    Yeah, anyway… too bad for Hyperion.

  6. Bozidar Paun // August 13, 2009 at 5:32 pm //

    Let’s face it guys: this movie is going to be a ususal Holywood CGI blockbuster that no one is going to rmember in few months after release. I would also liek to mention, that the only director/producer which has a shot at making Hyperion Cantos in a movie it deserves, is the God  of film making – Stanley Kubrick. If he were alive and directing it, it Hyperion would be the next 2001! 

  7. I agree that the choice of director here does not inspire much confidence.  And I too am worried that this fantastic work of literature will be butchered by Hollywood.

    My hope for a movie based on the first two books of Hyperion would be the following:

    First, a truly great director.  Stanley Kubrick is dead, or he would have been good.  Martin Scorsese or Clint Eastwood might be able to do this, as would, of course, Steven Spielburg.  Spielburg would be good because he is one of the few directors living who always has “final cut” on his movies, meaning that no one can alter what he wants to be the final product.

    Secondly, this movies must be absolutely faithfull to the original source material.  That means we need a budget of $200,000,000 at minimum, and the length will be at least 3.5 hours if not longer.  And why not?  Movie history is full of films over 4 hours long.  But for various reasons these days they are rare.

    This needs to be a BIG movie, with major actors, lavish sets, high drama, huge space battles, but also very personal, intimate, spiritual scenery.


    My ideas for the cast:


    The Consul – Anthony Hopkins
    Brawne Lamia – Hilary Swank
    Sol Weintraub – Dustin Hoffman
    Rachel Weintraub (adult) – Jessica Brooks
    Martin Silenus – Johnny Depp
    Colonel Fedmahn Kassad – Oded Fehr
    Father Lenar Hoyt – Jeremy Irons
    the John Keats cybrid(s) – Hugh Jackman
    Father Paul Dure – Liam Neeson
    Het Masteen -Viggo Morgenson

    Meina Gladstone – Helen Mirran
    Sad King Billy – Timothy Spall
    Governor Theo Lane – David Tennant
    The Bishop of the Church of Final Atonement/the Shrike Cult – Peter O’Toole

  8. Is this work still going on ?

    Feel interested , but not so much news are available at today. Last are from one year ago. What’s going on ? There’s someone who may me know about ?



  9. i’m also saddened by the obvious lack of respect for one of the truly creative and fascinating science fiction works yet written. 

    the day the earth stood still was one of the worst films i ever saw, a classic that never should have been remade and certainly not in the disrespectful way it was. 

    as a filmmaker and artist i have become so cynical about the corporate destruction of classic films and literature… hey that’s kind of ironic since we’re talking about hyperion.   sigh.

  10. My thoughts on casting:


    The Consul – Liam Neeson

    Fr. Lenar Hoyt – Brad Dourif

    Fr. Paul Dure – Malcolm McDowell

    Fedman Kassad – Michael Dorn

    Martin Silenus – James Spader

    Sol Weintraub – Erick Avari

    Brawne Lamia – Olivia Wilde

    Het Masteen – Jeremy Irons

    John Keats – Jamie Bamber

    Menia Gladstone – Judi Dench

    The Shrike – Himself

  11. Charlie Egan // July 26, 2010 at 9:03 pm //

    Lenar Hoyt – Cillian Murphy

    Colonel Kassad – Faran Tahir

    Martin Silenus – Ian Holm 

    Sol Weintraub – Daniel Day Lewis 

    Brawne Lamia – Monique Gabriela Curnen

    The Consul – Gary Oldman

    Het Masteen – Rick Yune

    Meina Gladstone – Judi Dench

    John Keats – Tom Hardy 

    Paul Dure – Dick Van Dyke 

    Moneta – Gemma Arterton

  12. Charlie Egan // July 26, 2010 at 9:15 pm //

    I forgot to mention possible directors. 

    James Cameron, J. J. Abrams, Peter Jackson, Neill Blomkamp, and possibly Michael Bay. 

    If any of these guys did agree to do Hyperion, I think it would be best if they were to wait 5 to 10 years to make it happen, pour as much money as they could into it, and make it a rated R movie. It would also be imperative to stay completely true to the book and have Dan Simmons on set at all times just to make sure they get the imagery right. 

  13. The Consul           

    Fedman Kassad

  14. I generally agree with Ausir in casting recommendations with the exception of the Counsul. I nominate Kevin Spacey.

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