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Out of This World Mini-Challenge

Stainless Steel Droppings (SSD) is hosting a short fiction challenge this weekend: The Out of This World Mini-Challenge!

From SSD:

The Challenge will take place Saturday and Sunday, January 17th and 18th.

All you need to do during this Mini-Challenge is to read at least one science fiction short story and post about it in the comments of [SSD’d Out of This World Mini-Challenge post]. Prizes will be awarded from a random drawing of all participants during the challenge, and for each short story you read and post about in the comments before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 18th you will get one entry in the contest.

You can read any science fiction short story that you want, as long as it is science fiction. This is not a fantasy mini-challenge so please make sure your story, or stories, fit into the category of science fiction.

If you don’t have an anthology of science fiction stories handy I strongly recommend visiting this excellent website, Best Science Fiction Stories. At Best Science Fiction Stories, Rusty posts mini-reviews of science fiction short stories and includes a link to the place where they can be read online. This is an excellent resource for science fiction short stories. In fact, I so strongly recommend this website that I will put your name in for an extra entry if you read a story from his site and comment on it there. Simply let me know you did so in the comments of this post.

You are welcome to post a review of your short story on your own site but you do not need to in order to qualify for the drawings. Just leave a comment here about the story you read, perhaps a few thoughts on it, and where you read it from.

Have fun this weekend and read a short story. And be sure to mention it over at Stainless Steel Droppings.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention John.  Hopefully I can get settled down this weekend now and read some short stories myself!  I’ve been going all weekend so far.  Of course part of that time was going out to see Defiance, so I cannot complain.

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