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REVIEW: Three Days to Never by Tim Powers

REVIEW SUMMARY: Enjoy a romp through time with Tim Powers as he tackles the challenges of time travel head on with a plot involving legendary physicist Albert Einstein.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The daughter of Albert Einstein, Lieserl, has been up to some mischief with her fathers greatest, secret, invention. With it she has manipulated time and the past and left a mystery for her grandchildren to unravel. And while they work, a secret cabal and the state of Israel are gunning for the machine that can maniuplate time.


PROS: Fun exploration of time travel with some great mythos around Einstein and the ability to manipulate the past, seems to be internally consistent despite the challenges of time paradox, very well written – a page-turner that is hard to put down.
CONS: Occasionally just bizarre, with passages that seem more mad than mad genius, ending was too predictable (to me anyway)
BOTTOM LINE: Very fun read by one of the top authors in sci-fi today, you can’t go wrong with this one.

3 Comments on REVIEW: Three Days to Never by Tim Powers

  1. Powers. Rocks. In the pantheon of American (born or adopted) fantasy writers, I put Gene Wolfe first, Harlan Ellison slightly after. Then comes Tim Powers. Slightly below is George R. R. Martin. Then there’s that Neil Gaiman fella…


    Michael Moorcock might be there, but he can’t decide what country to live in. His complaints about space shuttles falling on his house (almost) were not appreciated.

  2. Tim Power’s book THE ANUBIS GATES is the best time travel tale yet written. Do yourself a favor and track down this amazing adventure that mixes time travel, destiny, history, poetry, horror, and adventure.

  3. I couldn’t agree more stevens – The Anubis Gates is one of my favorite books.

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