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Saturday Morning Matinee: Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot!

Giant Robo, known in the States as Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, was a kids’ SciFi series that ran for 26 episodes during the late 1960s. I vaguely remember watching reruns of this when I was too small to change the channel – it’s a very fuzzy, very faded memory. Fortunately, we have the Internets to relive our days of long ago…when we didn’t know the difference between Awesome and Cheese. Guess which one this is?

I give you exhibit A: Episode #1 entitled “Dracolon, The Great Sea Monster” and described thusly:

Johnny discovers the B.F. Gang (bad guys), Unicorn (good guys), and takes control of Giant Robot, his ally in the fight for good over evil.


Cant get enough? Hulu has all 26 episodes for your enjoyment.

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4 Comments on Saturday Morning Matinee: Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot!

  1. Joe Parrish // January 3, 2009 at 8:52 am //

    I do not remember this one but it made me think of one who’s name I dont remember.  Does anyone remember a show that I think I was watching in the late 70s on tbs when it first went to some of the cable channels around the country, that had a young boy who had a rocket shaped whistle.  What I remember most was if he blew on it once it called the little robot boy, twice for the mother(who I remember being silver, and now reminds me of the robot from Metropolis, and a third time to call the father who was the giant of the group.(There also might have been one more whistle call I think that called them all at once.)  Hope someone else remembers this.

  2. [Go, go, gadget Google!]

    Joe, you’re thinking of Space Giants.

  3. I used to watch the re-runs of this show all the time after school. I loved it! I always wanted a giant robot of my own to control.

    I found this on iTunes a while back and bought an episode to put on my iPod. It seems very cheesy now, but it still brings back good memories.


  4. Joe Parrish // January 6, 2009 at 2:26 pm //

    Thanks John D. that was what I was looking for, I was with a friend when I read your post and we clicked ahead, and that was what we both remembered.(he remembered something I did not and viceversa.)

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