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Sci Fi Channel Finally Promotes Sci Fi Wire

The Sci Fi Channel’s news page, Sci FI Wire, has finally gotten a site of it’s own.

It’s about time! For all the complaining we do about their programming, I’ve been seeing good things happening to their web presence over the last several months. Even before it was spun off, SciFi Wire had started engaging in more “blog-like” items, which is to say they are offering up opinion pieces, lists and the like. They’ve got the audience, so it’s great to finally see this type of content there. They’ve also got blogs for gadget-heads (DVICE) and gamers (Fidgit). Kudos to the SciFi Channel web team for taking it to the next stage…and welcome to the party!

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  1. Now if only the Sci Fi channel would show at least more than 50% SCIFI on their channel the universe may become whole again.


    Hope you had a good holiday JD. I’m not back to work until the 12th. 😉

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