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SF Signal Welcomes Terry Weyna

There’s a new “SF Signal Irregular” reviewer gracing our hollow halls. (Yes, you read that right.) Her name is Terry Weyna and while you were sleeping, she posted her first review: Gears of the City by Felix Gilman. As is customary, we asked Terry to talk about herself in the third person. Here is her response:

Terry still remembers the moment she first understood how to read. Reading struck her as miraculous then, and she has never had any reason to reconsider that opinion. She currently reads virtually anything that holds still long enough, but has a special interest in fantasy and horror, especially those works that fall into the realm variously described as New Weird, slipstream or interstitial fiction, whether published as genre fiction or mainstream fiction. Terry maintains her personal blog at Reading the Leaves. When she must, Terry practices law, as she has for 28 years; but she’d almost always rather be reading. Terry lives in Northern California with her husband, Fred White, the author (most recently) of The Daily Writer: 366 Meditations to Cultivate a Productive and Meaningful Writing Life (Writer’s Digest Books, 2008). They share their home with the imperious Cordelia Cat Weyna-White, who demands incessant petting, and some 12,000 books, nearly all of which constantly clamor to be read or reread next. While most people would find it a quiet home, for two bookworms and cat lovers with active imaginations the place can get pretty noisy.

Please join us in welcoming Terry to the SF SIgnal team!

Welcome, Terry!

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4 Comments on SF Signal Welcomes Terry Weyna

  1. Welcome to the cast of irregulars, Terry!  Congrats to you and congrats to your husband on his most recent book.  12,000 books, eh?  What time to you prefer vistors to arrive? πŸ˜‰

  2. Welcome! Anyone with that many books is by definition cool!

  3. Welcome, Terry!

    A round of “huzzahs” for you.

  4. No one’s ever called me “cool” for having lots of books before.  In fact, normally the opposite sort of epithet is applied:  “dork” or “nerd” have frequently been flung at me (and accepted with pride).

    Thanks for the welcome.  I’m happy to be here.

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