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The Best Job in the World: Spaceship Designer

ship.jpgJohannes Muecke is an artist/designer with Different Futures. They were asked to design and build a spaceship for kids to be placed at the Sensapolis theme park near Stuttgart, Germany. Muecke outlines the process in this awesome post over at Concept Art. I urge you to head on over there and check out the rest of production details.

Different Futures did a bang up job on this project, and there’s even a back story for the ship, the Second Solar, and its journey to Gliese 581. Now, I’m not sure what all the exhibit does, but I do know there are two slides for the kiddos to slide down. In any event, how cool is it that a theme park asked for, and got, such a sweet looking spaceship?

Truly one of the best jobs in the world. Good job Johannes!

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2 Comments on The Best Job in the World: Spaceship Designer

  1. I’m sure I’ve seen something like this in the appliance isle at Home Depot!

  2. Oh my!!!  The folks that thought of a park like that deserve some sort of award for their creative thinking, and Johannes Muecke is fantastic.   I think it is great that they showed so many pictures on the Concept Art site.  It is hard to tell from his initial drawings what size the thing would be, but when you see the images of them building it, it reminded me of the trailer from Star Trek I saw again today!  And the end result is just too cool.  That is the kind of attraction this big kid would love to spend some time in!

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