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Tube Bits for 01/13/2009

  • Just over one week till LOSTmas and to help you get by, here is an interview with the awesome Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) from NY Magazine. Depending on your tolerance, there are some minor spoilers here.
  • TG Daily goes to CES 2009 and reports back that 3D TV is almost here. According to them, all that is needed is infrastructure and content. Simple! Boy, if you thought this February’s change over to HD signals was a cluster, wait till we have to swap TVs, again and swap signals, again, for 3D. But it would be worth it.
  • Is cash strapped Cheyenne Mountain taking their MMO, Stargate Worlds, into the wild, woolly world of Multi-Level Marketing (think Amway)? Ten Ton Hammer investigates and thinks it’s a bad idea, legit or not. I agree.
  • Apparently it’s not just the viewers that are disappointed with Heroes. It looks like both Ali Larter and Hayden Panitierre want off the show, citing lack of character time. The easiest way would be to cancel the show and put it out of our misery.
  • Sci Fi continues on its ‘reality’ TV kick, this time bring us WGC Ultimate Gamer. “What the $%&@!#%? ” I hear you ask. Yeah, I know. Here is the short description: “As the 12 contestants share a loft in downtown Los Angeles, they will be tested in real-life challenges inspired by best-selling game titles, compete in the video games themselves, and ultimately must avoid elimination in head-to-head battle in an arena filled with hundreds of spectators.” The winner gets cash, prizes and a chance to compete in the World Cyber Games. Way to put the ‘sci’ into ‘fi’, Sci Fi.
  • SciFi Wire lists 8 reasons why 24 is really science fiction, then takes it in the shorts in the comments. Ouch. And really, with such lame reasons, who can blame the commentors?
  • And now, the evolution of technology, featuring a steamdriven T-Rex! Awesome!
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