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Tube Bits for 01/20/2009

  • One more day until LOSTmas is here! Remember, LOST returns tomorrow night with a vengeance. Be there. Speaking as a huge fan, I’ve taken great pains to avoid as many show-destroying spoilers as I can because I don’t want to be, well, spoiled. It seems that Damon Lindeloff and Carleton Cuse agree with me, but in stronger terms. The brain you spoil just may be your own.
  • With the premier of the final ‘season’ of Galactica behind us, we now know who the final Cylon is. My reaction: We waited how long for that? Any hope that there is some big, cool reason behind it was preemptively destroyed when Moore admitted they made the whole ‘final five’ thing up as they went along. Is it any wonder Moore has to now defend his pick? I really don’t see the end being anything other than a train wreck at this point, but I’ll keep watching just in case.
  • Speaking of Galactica, Thrillist has some interesting questions revolving around the show and current pop culture. You even get answer which pop diva you would most expect to be spaced.
  • Despite its checkered past with genre shows, FOX has ordered a pilot for Human Target. Target is based on the DC Comics book and will be written by Jericho co-creator, Jonathan Steinberg.
  • SF Universe ponders the current cast of Stargate Atlantis. I’m not sure a younger, edgier Stargate is what’s needed. How about a cooler, filled to the brim with awesome SF ideas Stargate? Hopefully John Scalzi will help out with that, but, you know, no pressure or anything.
  • I’ll leave you now with the latest installment of the LOST parody series, LOST, What Will Happen Next?
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    1. Hope the new Human Target is at least as cool as the Rick Springfield version.

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