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Tube Bits for 01/27/2009

  • Everything else has received the ‘steampunk’ treatment, and now it’s time for Galactica to do the same. Sci Fi’s DVICE site is running a design your own steampunk Cylon through March 20th. Winners will receive various Galactica merchandise. In retrospect, a steampunk Cylon sounds only natural.
  • Sci Fi Wire speaks with Ron Moore about the upcoming Caprica series that will probably air next year. Moore explains just how Caprica will be like Galactica, and what will be different. Let’s hope the tone is lighter than what BG has become, which is pretty much a fleet in search of Zoloft, the antidepressant planet.
  • Those kooky execs over at ABC loves them some SF: LOST, Eli Stone (-ish, SF-ish), Life on Mars Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Kimmel has a show as a ‘comedian’, how is that not SF?). Now you can add the cheesy, but fun, ’80’s series, V, as ABC has just greenlit a pilot for the remake. I think this is a sure fire hit as there is a distinct lack of rodent chomping aliens looking to steal our water on TV right now. They’ll probably find some way to try and force current politics into it. Anyone else rather see Footfall on TV? It’s got elephants!
  • One non-SF fan’s take on the time travel in LOST: As long as there’s no paradoxes, it’s good. Oh, and nice one tricking me into watching a SF show by not pimping the SF hard till season 5. Remember kids, there’s more to time travel than just your average Star Trek romp through time, throwing caution to the causality police.
  • In the past I’ve criticized Legend of the Seeker for making it difficult for new fans to find and watch the show. Well, they must be doing something right, because the show has been re-newed for a second season. At the very least, they took my advice and episodes are now online at Hulu for one and all to see, and as a bonus the first episode is in HD. Nice. See what happens when you follow our advice? You get renewed!
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  1. Thanks for the update on Legend of the Seeker. I had given up trying to find the video, but now I can finally go watch it on Hulu and see for myself how much they messed up the original story πŸ™‚

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