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Tube Bits for 01/28/2009

    Artist Dusty Abell has created that awesome SF TV Shows of the 70’s picture you see above. See his Deviant Art post for larger versions. Simply amazing, as is how many of the shows referenced in this picture I’ve seen, as a kid (a complete list can be found here, in the comments). In case you were wondering where the Saturday morning shows are, they are over here, also in a sweet picture. Of course, for the most part, the remembrances from childhood are actually cooler, and better, than the actual shows were. Still, nice job Dusty!
  • Popular Mechanics got a hold of Unofficial SF Signal Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku an discussed time travel, wormholes and exotic matter. All in the name of LOST of course! Because really, who would talk about that stuff if it weren’t on the best SF show currently on TV?
  • In an effort to combat sagging ratings, NBC is trying to court viewers for Heroes in the online world at Habbo is aimed at 13-18 year olds and NBC will create a Heroes avatar in game that will invite others to play a Heroes themed game on both the NBC site an in Habbo.I’m thinking this is a very lame attempt. Why not try to write better stories and characters?
  • You may have missed it, but last week marked the 25th anniversary of one of the most iconic TV commercials ever. During Super Bowl XVIII (remember when the Super Bowl was actually in January?), the Ridley Scott directed commercial for the Apple Macintosh created huge buzz for the then new computer. With it’s 1984 stylings, it became an instant classic. See for yourself:
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