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Tube Bits for 01/29/2009

  • ABC seems to be going gaga for genre. On the heels of greenlighting a pilot for a re-make of V, ABC has also given the go ahead for another TV adaption of the John Updike novel, The Witches of Eastwick, which many people will remember was also a big screen movie starring Jack Nicholson. I actually saw that movie in the theater (why? I wonder now), and so I’d have to give this news a big ‘meh’, even if it is a genre show.
  • NBC appears to be getting into the genre pilot act as well, giving the nod to Day One, a post-apocalyptic drama from Jesse Alexander, writer for Heroes. Post-apocalyptic is good (especially if they can make it as memorable as Fallout 3), writer for Heroes is sending up a red flag. I’m not sure what episodes Jesse has been involved in, so it’s possible he’s only worked on the ‘good’ ones. I’m still interested to see this, though I’d really like to see Niven’s Lucifer’s Hammer on the small screen.
  • Cast your mind back (if you’re old enough) to that golden era known as early 1980’s TV and to one show in particular: The A-Team. Never has there been a show with so much ammo expended with so little actual on target hits, though the brass manufacturers got a boost. Now Warner Bros. is going ahead with a big screen adaptation of The A-Team, with Ridley Scott (yes, Ridley Scott) set to produce and his brother, Tony Scott set to exec produce.They will keep the original template of the show, 4 Vietnam vets escape from a military prison to become do-gooder mercenaries, as the basis for an action film. Let’s hope these new actors are better shots. But my goodness, who in the heck could ever replace Mr. T? Here’s the intro, with one of my all time favorite TV show theme music:
  • Many former fans of Battlestar Galactica would mark the reveal of the ‘Secret Cylon Society’ and the use of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” as the catalyst for the reveal, as the moment when Galactica finally reached the other side of the shark. But! Those crazy kids over in the game EVE Online, took the music by Bear McCreary and created this really cool machinima that shows some of the battles that make up the backstory of EVE. Well played gentlemen. Now if only EVE didn’t have a learning cliff involved, and be friendly to non-hardcore types, I might play it. Note to the BG producers: This is how you use the song correctly, as a backdrop to all out war and not for amnesiac Cylons. (Watch the HD version if you can)
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  1. Jesse Alexander was one of the producers with LOST from the beginning (he was there when they interviewed Damien Lindelof to work with JJ on the Pilot) and he was there for Heroes season 1 (and the crap that followed) so it may not be a bad thing.  At least we’re almost guarenteed an amazing first season.  (okay, bad joke)

  2. I love me some A-Team.

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