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Tuesday Tune: A Good Year for the Robots

Here’s a suitably sf-nal music video from Coparck for their song “A Good Year for the Robots”.

Do the androids dream of electric sheep?

‘Cause it’s a good year for the robots.


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4 Comments on Tuesday Tune: A Good Year for the Robots

  1. That was fun, and very timely considering I just got through reading I, Robot for the first time last night. It is safe to say that the chorus is going to be in my head for the rest of the day.  Maybe it will make all the meetings this afternoon more tolerable!

  2. I have one problem with the assumption here. Just wanting to have emotions in the first place is something only a human would do. To want emotions is to already have them. The only way a robot would seek emotions was if it was programmed to seek them. Sure we could say that the robot was programmed to seek emotions, but the point I get from the video is that the worker was more efficient as a robot than as an entity with emotions. Why would we create a tool that has emotions? We already have a staff full of employees with emotions. If we need something with emotions, wouldn’t we just hire a human?


    Love the music.



    Sue Lange




  3. …and Sue would know.  A few years back she wrote the awesome story We, Robots.  🙂

  4. Those were my thoughts too, Sue.  And your novella sounds great . . . . but 12 bucks for 98 pages seems steep.  Then again, I’m a cheapskate.

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