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Your Science Fiction Weekend

It’s Friday and that means two whole days free from the distraction of ‘working’ to get in some quality science fiction time. And for those of you suffering from extreme cold, you really need something to warm you up.

So the question is this: What science fiction is on tap for your consumption this weekend?

For me, I’ll be trying to finish (again) Iain M. (the M stands for science fiction) Banks’ The Algebraist, which I’ve been working on for two weeks now. I’m also 5 episodes from finishing the Ga-Rei Zero anime series so I may crank that out as well. Of course, tonight will be filled with the newest episode of Psych and the return of Battlestar Galactica.

But if you’re looking for something to watch, in honor of the late Patrick McGoohan, we present the first episode of The Prisoner (helpfully streamed from AMC TV):

I’ve just started watching this series and it’s oddly compelling, in a kitschy, 1960’s way.

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13 Comments on Your Science Fiction Weekend

  1. I’m starting an old novel I just found by Robert Sheckley (RIP): Options. It promises to be vintage Sheckley and very wacky.

  2. Finishing Nation by Terry Pratchett, maybe not strictly SF…

    Starting Y:The Last Man, heard a lot of good things.

    Finishing Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2. Suppossed to be for kids, decided to watch on someone’s recommendation and glad I did. Surprisingly enjoyable, highly recommend.

  3. Dennis S. // January 16, 2009 at 6:11 pm //

    I’m halfway through A Princess of Mars, at the moment, and I am already thinking about ordering the next two books in the series. It’s as fun as I hoped it would be (this is actually the first Burroughs I have read, besides Tarzan when I was in my teens).


    Next in line is Sawyer’s Mindscan. Never read anything by him before either, but I have just bought Mindscan, Rollback and Flashforward, as they sound right up my alley.


    Oh, and I just received Lucius Shephard’s The Jaguar Hunter short story collection, and I hope to sneek in one or two of the stories this weekend, as well.

  4. Dennis S. // January 16, 2009 at 6:14 pm //

    That would be Lucius Shepard, not Shephard 🙂

  5. Matte Lozenge // January 16, 2009 at 7:36 pm //

    The Prisoner series got off to a great start but became very erratic partway through. McGoohan took a break to film Ice Station Zebra and when he returned most of the prodution staff had left including the co-creator and story editor of the series. After that the quality was dicey. IMHO the best episodes are: Arrival, Free For All, Dance of the Dead, Checkmate, The Chimes of Big Ben, A. B. and C., Many Happy Returns, Living in Harmony.

  6. I was hoping to catch up on the BSG DVD’s while “on vacation”, but family matters intervened. So I’ll tape the episode (and others) until I catch up. Too much of a gap, too many other things going on, so I need a refresh before plunging on. Just hope they jump over the shark the other way…


    Reading? Larry Niven’s Known Space tales (re-read). Jingo by Pratchett. Code Three by Rick Raphael. The Del Rey editions of the Elric tales. Jacques Futrelle’s “The Thinking Machne” tales. The Last Colony and Zoe’s Tale by Scalzi. Sun of Suns by Schroeder. Crystal Rain and The Cole Protocol by Buckell. A re-read of Sherlock Holmes. The Black God’s Kiss by Moore. The Founding by Abnett. The Far Side of the Stars and Rolling Hot (part of The Complete Hammer’s Slammers Volume Two) by Drake. Diamond Dogs/Turquoise Days and Galactic North (part of a re-read of the whole Cojoiner series) by Reynolds. A Game of Thrones (a read/re-read of the series before the new book, knock on wood, comes out this year) by Martin.


    Yes, I am once again massively multi-tasking. Take that Crotchety Old Fan!

  7. Patrick, Y is a very good comic and Avatar only gets better.

    Not sure I’ll get to it because I have a couple of other books to finish up, but I’d like to get to David Brin’s “The Postman” soon.  Does anyone know if it’s any good?

  8. Weyland Yutani // January 16, 2009 at 10:36 pm //

    Just the novels this weekend.  I will be reading a twin shot of Walter Jon Williams (Hardwired / Voice of the Whirlwind).  As a cyberpunk fan, it’s about time.

  9. Finishing Gaiman’s American Gods. After that, a couple of short stories to add to the 365 short story challenge tally, then on to Watchmen. (BSG tonight was a given)


  10. A 365 short story challenge tally? Hey, I could do that!

  11. Hi Dennis, I read Mindscan a few years back and Fastforwar#1a few months back, very good either way.

    As for me, this weekend I’ve got to put 4 hours into the job thing but after (during?) that….I’m trying to read William Dietz’s Runner series and I’m going to crack open “Morrowind” for some AD&D fantasy fun since I don’t think anyone here mentioned computer games.  Also I’m going to take the short story reading challenge as mentioned above and if all goes well I might stumble upon something new on Space. Also my wife wants to drag me out to the midnight Sunday show after the Oiler game and maybe there’s an SF dollar movie out there we haven’t seen yet.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic, good idea..  

  12. @A_Z,

    It’s been at least 15 years since I read The Postman, but I remember liking it well enough. I don’t think it’s as good or as deep as his Uplift books, but it’s much better than the movie.

  13. @ Fred: Indeed, sir! I know John and some others have done the challenge too. I figured it was high time for me to boldly go where others have gone before. Now, if only I could manage to keep a good pace so I don’t fall too far behind!


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