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At The Trailer Park: Sleep Dealer, Battle for Terra, Super Capers, Knowing

First up today we have Sleep Dealers, winner of the 2008 Spirit Awards for Best First Feature. Sleep Dealer is the story of Memo Cruz, who attempts to find work in a future America where all of the manual labor is now accomplished via technology. After watching the trailer, I really like the direction the story goes in with respect to technology, but I’m wondering how ‘PC’ the movie is. Being an indie production, it could go either way.

Next up is a 3D, CGI alien invasion movie, where humanity is the aliens, Battle for Terra. Of course, the 3D aspect kind of bothers me. I’ve disliked every 3D movie I’ve seen, and by dislike, I mean the glasses part, not necessarily the movie. Still, this one looks rather interesting. When are they going to do a 3D, CGI Footfall?

Comedy is hard. Super hero comedy is harder (although Sky High isn’t too bad). Sadly, Super Capers, based on the trailer, looks…..bad. There was one or two chuckles (and Adam West!), but the rest looks terrible. Although it does have the President from Fifth Element (Tommy Lister) and Captain Awesome from Chuck (Ryan McPartlin).

The new Nicholas Cage movie, Knowing, opens March 20th. It looks like a cross between National Treasure and any number of disaster movies. Mildly interesting. Below is the latest TV spot.

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