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Behind the Scenes of Star Trek

There’s a little movie opening up soon that you may have heard of, J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek. Sci Fi Wire has a short ‘behind the scenes’ vignette with some of the cast and crew, along with a little new footage, in this short clip. And this movie will ‘blow you away!’, at least according to the cast.

I’m still skeptical. I’ll say this for Abrams, the movie looks really good and I especially like the ‘orbital diving’ scene. But the reservations are still there: Chris Pine doesn’t look like Kirk and while the trailers show plenty of action, Star Trek isn’t necessarily about that. As a result, the trailers don’t feel like Star Trek.

I’ll still go see this in the theater though, damn you J.J. Abrams.

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1 Comment on Behind the Scenes of Star Trek

  1. I can feel the suckage from here. It’ll be pretty, but it won’t… can’t be Trek with these folks pretending to be the crew we’ve watched for 40 years.

    Starfleet Academy was a promising idea a decade ago when it was a new set of recruits, but to reboot these characters because they’re too boring is just so comic book…. in a bad way.

    Really bad.

    (Pegg will rock! and Qinto will have a chance to prove it’s just the Heroes writers that make that cast seem so horribly awful.)

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