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Dr. Who As Anime

Dr. Who has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to the new series on BBC TV, so it’s no wonder someone finally got around to creating an anime version of the good Doctor. What may surprise you is that it’s Jon Pertwee as the third Doctor that has been given the anime treatment. The following clip, showing not only the progression of a scene from rough sketch to completion but also some other scenes as well, is from Paul “Otaking” Johnson. You can find more of his work at his Deviantart page.

As for the clip, it has its good and bad aspects. Some of the animation seems rather choppy, but it certainly has that anime feel which meshes surprisingly well with the Doctor.

[via Japantor]

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2 Comments on Dr. Who As Anime

  1. I’m not a Doctor Who fan but my former wife is and I’ve seen bits and pieces of many episodes. I know they have to jazz it up for the kids, but it really doesn’t seem in character for Doctor Who to kick the shit out of thugs in an alley. However, the character does sound like Jon Pertwee and the art looks nice and I’m pretty sure my former wife would watch it, being an anime fan as well.

  2. Actually, it makes a lot of sense for the third Doctor to be the one to get the anime treatment. Not only is he the Doctor with the most distinctive appearance that still manages to be somewhat suave, but he’s also the Doctor most likely to get down-and-dirty with his fists, what with the training in Venusian Aikido and all, and he’s also the most gadget-friendly Doctor. About the only other natural choice would be Eccleston’s ninth Doctor with his post-Time War rage complex.

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