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Making Money by Terry Pratchett

REVIEW SUMMARY: Fantastic and time-appropriate novel by a master of comedic fantasy. I wouldn’t make this my first Diskworld book, but it is a great part of the series.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Moist, the protagonist of Going Postal is back and asked to take on Ankh-Morpork’s banking system, including the mint, the treasury, and the bank itself.


PROS: Brilliant humor, excellent new characters, fun with old favorites

CONS: Banking humor might be over the head of many non-bankers

BOTTOM LINE: I enjoyed the heck out of this book and recommend it to Pratchett fans without question (although I’d read Going Postal first if you haven’t already.) I don’t think this is the book I’d recommend if you haven’t read any in the series though. As we’ve discussed before, you might want to follow another order to reading the series.

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