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SF Tidbits for 2/22/09

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  1. John Wright // February 23, 2009 at 1:55 pm //

    “Although it appeared about 20 years ago, in 1988, the movie remains timely and relevant as one of the most devastating and sharp criticisms of American imperialism ever made.”

    American what? Dude, if we Americans are imperialists, where is my Empire?

    Wow. Just reading the Marxists, ah, “analysis” of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE is like stepping back through a time machine to the early 1930’s: a mental universe where the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Stalinist show trials, the gulags, the Ukrainian famine, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Moaist purges and Cultural Revolutions of Red China, the death camps of socialist Germany, the poverty and brutality of socialist Italy, not to mention the decades of terror caused by the Soviet threat of world thermonuclear destruction, war and revolutions in South America, Central Asia, Africa, decades and decades of death, death, death — as if it none of that had never happened.

    As if the peace and wealth and pleanty and prosperity promised by Marxist theory had happened.

    And the Marxist hooligans are still lecturing us, hectoring us, talking down to us, as if we are the bad guys, and as if the hell on earth they promote were not the hollowest of lies.

    With no sense of irony at all, we hear a zombie who steadfastly refuses to don the glasses that show the truth, and see the inhuman monsters he worships. Amazing.

    If THEY LIVE were merely the pinko agitprop this writer makes it out to be, it would be unworthy of the cult fandom that has bloomed about it. THEY LIVE is about something more profound: it is a movie for anyone who sees a truth no one else can see, anyone who has ever felt that paranoid suspicion that life is not what it seems on the surface, and that it is darker than you think.

    I have many a time wished I could chew gum and kick ass hard enough to make someone look through my glasses, and see the world as it really is. And they felt the same of me.



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