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TOC: Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 2

The second issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories, tied in to the thetrical release of the new Star Trek, featured past Trek writers. The complete table of contents is:

  • Novelets:
    • “Enterprise Fish” by David Gerrold
    • “Palladium” by Diane Duane
    • “Moon Over Luna” by David R. George III
  • Short Stories:
    • “Manifest Destiny” by Michael Reaves & Steve Perry
    • “A Gift Though Small” by Melinda M. Snodgrass
    • “Float Like a Butterfly” by Norman Spinrad
    • “Dark Energies” by Larry Niven
  • Classic Novella: “The Golden Helix” by Theodore Sturgeon
  • Classic Novelet: “Arena” by Fredric Brown
  • Classic Short Stories:
    • “Life Hutch” by Harlan Ellison
    • “The Seventh Order” by Jerry Sohl
    • F——” by Richard Matheson
    • “Rock-a-Bye Baby, or Die!” by George Clayton Johnson
  • Features:
    • “Where No Scribe Has Gone Before” by Marc Scott Zicree
    • “Scientifacts” by James Trefil
    • “No Studio, No Network, No Problem” by Crystal Ann Taylor
    • “I Canna Change the Laws of Physics!” by Adam Weiner
    • “Columbus of the Stars: A Trek Not Taken?” by Ib Melchior & Vic Lundin
    • The Televisualizer: “Cult Camp Classics 1: Sci-Fi Thrillers” by Scott Ashlin
    • Sir Arthur C. Clarke & Forrest J Ackerman, In Memoriam
    • “Dr. Zotts” (comic strip)

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