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Tube Bits For 02/10/2009

  • The Doc Arzt blog has noticed that many LOST fans are having problems coming to grips with all the time travel no occurring on the show. Their helpful article, Time Travel for Dummies, goes a long way to help people understand that the time travel is really just a form of the flashbacks/flashforwards that have always been a part of the show. Perhaps watching more SF would help people with the time travel thing.
  • EW online has posted most of the physical magazine’s cover story on LOST for all to read. It has all kinds of hints in it about the upcoming season so stay away if you (like me) don’t want to know anything about what’s to come. It’s written by Doc Jensen so you know it’ll be entertaining.
  • Square Galaxy details why Stargate Atlantis was a failure. I’m not sure a series that lasted 5 season is really a failure, but rather a disappointment. Given the list of issues, it’s rather amazing it lasted as long as it did.
  • Joseph Mallozzi is interviewed by covering all things Stargate: Atlantis, Universe, and a movie? I’ve never been a huge fan of the Stargate franchise, but I must say Stargate Universe intrigues me. If they can make it more ‘space opera’-y, I’ll tune in.
  • Speaking of Mallozzi, he has posted an un-shot, time travel script for the original Stargate series. Hmm, if people think time travel on LOST is confusing….
  • Only four more days until Dollhouse premiers on Fox. I know many Whedon fans can’t wait. But how did Dollhouse come to pass on a network that has done Whedon wrong in the past? He says ‘it was an accident‘.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars must be doing something right as Cartoon Network has renewed the series for a second season. I have a few early episodes saved, but haven’t had the interest to watch them.
  • New York Comic Con was the place to be this last weekend as lots of interesting stuff was on display. has the trailer for The Ryloth Trilogy, a three part story arc in The Clone Wars set to air Feb. 27th. Space battle! Maybe I should actually watch this show?
  • Yup, NYCC was the place to be. Cryptic Studios unveiled the following trailer for their Star Trek Online MMORPG, showing off the character/race creation system for the game. I’ll admit, a Star Trek game has my attention.
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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog, although it isn’t that I think that Stargate Atlantis was a failure, it just failed to be fantastic.

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