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Tube Bits For 02/16/2009

  • For many of us, the original Star Trek played a huge role in the formation of our love for all things SF. It also had a huge impact on the people who have been designing technology these many years. Star Trek: The Exhibition is now open at the Detroit Science Center (through Sept. 7th) and looks at how the tech of Star Trek has influenced our own technology. I’m still waiting for my cell phone to ‘chirp’ like the old school communicators when I open it up…
  • Last week’s ‘WTF?’ moment on Battlestar Galactica (SPOILER!!): the revelation that Cylon number 7 is/was called Daniel, and that Cavil basically wiped the model out. Ron Moore says it was a Cain and Abel moment for the show. Whatever. Once again we see the Cylon mythology aspect of the show dragging the whole thing down with it.
  • Not that it will help the Nielsen ratings, but Dollhouse is #5 on the iTunes ‘Most Downloaded’ list. BG is #1. Now, Whedon better hope that those downloaders decide to actually watch when the show is broadcast, or he’s looking at another failed series on Fox.
  • Speaking of ratings, the Americanized version of Life on Mars should be retitled Life on Life Support as its ratings keep falling to new lows. It’s not surprising. The ABC series is in no way comparable to the BBC version. It’s just not that good.
  • Leave it to Cinemax (or, Skinemax at night) to take the Dollhouse concept and ‘erotic’ it up. Forbidden Science is the name, tune in if you dare.
  • From the ‘it isn’t SF (or even TV) but it should be!’ department, I give you Skittles flavored Vodka! Perhaps the best way to watch Forbidden Science?
  • Sci Fi Wire interviews the creators of the web series Emissary at the New York Comic Con. Emissary will star Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) and debuts in 2010 (the year we make contact):
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  1. ARGH I caught the battlestar spoiler with my eyes at the same time as the relatively small “SPOILER” prefix πŸ™

  2. Somebody needs to make a Star Trek communicator “chirp” cell phone ringtone/iPhone app. 

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