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Tube Bits For 02/17/2009

  • The Great Gnome Press Science Fiction Odyssey blog thinks that Battlestar Galactica is now like LOST, in space. the main takeaway: Because the show now has a deadline, the stories are being forced to fit into the remaining episodes, causing the writers to rush things and leave ‘WTF?’ moments lying around. Supposedly like LOST. While I agree Galactica has become much less focused than it once was (thank you, Final Five Cylon plot), to me, LOST isn’t ‘WTF?’ at all, rather it now has a lot of ‘holy frak!’ moments. The difference: writers who know where they are going (LOST), versus those who made it up as they went along (Galactica).
  • The series finale of Galactica will now be three hours long, split over two nights. The first Friday night will be a one hour episode, with the next Friday wrapping things up with a two-hour finale, which starts one hour earlier (natch). Anyone else concerned with how this thing is lurching toward the end?
  • author David Faraci lists five ways LOST can keep from jumping the quantum shark. As someone who loves the heavy does of SF that regularly occurs on the show, I don’t think it’s near any shark, quantum sized or larger. I’m with Cory Barker at Weekend Watchers. I have faith that the writers know what they are doing.
  • On Saturday morning as I was out acquiring donuts, I had the radio tuned to our local NPR station (the only time that ever happens because there is nothing else remotely interesting on) and who did I hear? Joss Whedon. Fresh Air was interviewing Whedon about all things Whedon. You can hear the interview here. Hmmm, now it’s almost imperative I buy Dr. Horrible on DVD. Listen to the interview to find out why.
  • According to Nielsen, has 7 of the top 10 most watched TV shows online. #1? LOST, with well over a million viewers. NBC’s Heroes ranks in at #5. I don’t mind watching the occasional episode online, to catch up, but the online experience needs to improve dramatically before I’d watch regularly.
  • Associated Content has a list of some very nice papercraft Star Trek models. Now you can get your Trek geek on in paper before the new movie starts. Just don’t let me catch you with your paper Enterprise in theater, shooting people while shouting ‘Pew Pew!’
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  1. RE: BSG. I’m liking it. I wish the writers had planned more, which could have avoided (1) the “No Exit”  infodump, and (2) Cally’s wanting to commit suicide not making sense because she knew Tyrol was not Nicky’s father. Honestly, I think Babylon 5 was over-planned and it lost something in the process. Alternately, BSG would have benefited from just a tad more planning.

    Overall, I know I’m in the minority here, but I like the Final Five plot. It’s not a subplot because it plays into the main theme of the show, that “All this has happened before and will happen again.”



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