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18 Recently Free SF/F Stories

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Free Speculative Fiction Online, these recently free stories came to my attention, an now yours:

  1. James P. Blaylock: “The Dry Spell” (Subterranean, Winter 2009)
  2. Amy Sterling Casil: “Chromosome Circus” (F & SF, January 2000)
  3. Amy Sterling Casil: “Mad for the Mints” (F & SF, July 2000)
  4. Amy Sterling Casil: “Shakespeare in Hell” (Elysian Fiction, May 2002)
  5. Amy Sterling Casil: “The Universe in the Bottom of a Cereal Box” (switch.blade Anthology, 2002)
  6. Amy Sterling Casil: “To Kiss the Star” (F & SF, February 2001)
  7. Brenda W. Clough: “A Mighty Fortress” (Helix, July 2007)
  8. Brenda W. Clough: “Grow Your Own” (Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, July 2000)
  9. Brenda W. Clough: “Revise the World
  10. Anne Harris: Accidental Creatures (Tor, 1998)
  11. Mary Robinette Kowal: “Evil Robot Monkey” (The Solaris Book of New SF Anthology #2, 2008)
  12. D. D. Levine: “Sun Magic, Earth Magic” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #1, October 2008)
  13. Paul J. McAuley: “Little Lost Robot” (Interzone, August 2008, PDF)
  14. Tim Pratt: “Her Voice in a Bottle” (Subterranean, Winter 2009)
  15. Mike Resnick: “A Better Mousetrap” (Nature, November 2007, PDF )
  16. Bruce Sterling: “Homo Sapiens Declared Extinct” (Nature, November 1999, PDF)
  17. Harry Turtledove: “We Haven’t Got There Yet” (, March 2009)
  18. K. D. Wentworth: “The Orangery” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #12, March 2009)
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  1. LOVE the Accidental Creatures cover! Not surprisingly it is a Tor book! They do the best covers!

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