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95 Recently-Free SF/F Stories

The incomparable free fiction reference Free Speculative Fiction Online has added yet another batch of new additions to it’s incredible lineup of free fiction, many coming as free samples from Baen’s Webscriptions. Sure, some of them may have already been posted here, but there’s plenty of new stuff to consume. So, have at them!

  1. John Barnes: “An Ocean is a Snowflake, Four Billion Miles Away
  2. Elizabeth Bear: “War Stories
  3. Greg Bear: “Richie by the Sea
  4. Greg Bear: “Sisters
  5. Greg Bear: “The White Horse Child
  6. Greg Bear: “Webster
  7. Gregory Benford & David Brin: “I Could’ve Done Better
  8. Beth Bernobich: “Shopping Spree
  9. Ben Bova: “Moon Race
  10. Richard Bowes: “If Angels Fight
  11. David Brin: “Shoresteading
  12. David Brin: “The Smartest Mob

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  1. Tobias S. Buckell: “Manumission
  2. Lillian Stewart Carl: “The Test of Gold
  3. A. Bertram Chandler: “Hall of Fame” [a.k.a. “The Kingsolving’s Planet Irregulars”]
  4. A. Bertram Chandler: “The Bird-Brained Navigator
  5. A. Bertram Chandler: “The Rim Gods
  6. A. Bertram Chandler: “The Subtracter” [a.k.a. “The Minus Effect”]
  7. A. Bertram Chandler: “With Good Intentions
  8. Ted Chiang: “Exhalation” (Audio)
  9. Ian Creasey: “Demonstration Day
  10. Linda Evans & Robert R. Hollingsworth: “Little Red Hen
  11. Linda Evans: “The Farmer’s Wife
  12. Charles Coleman Finlay: “The Political Prisoner
  13. M. Alan Ford: “Quasi
  14. Tony Frazier: “Double-Secret Weapon
  15. Carl Frederick: “Concentration of Dogs
  16. Carl Frederick: “Food for Thought
  17. Carl Frederick: “Weredragons of Mars
  18. Dave Freer: “Thin Ice
  19. David Gerrold: “Spiderweb
  20. Nina Kiriki Hoffman: “Discards
  21. James P. Hogan: “Murphy’s War
  22. Sarah Hoyt: “Scraps of Fog
  23. Matthew Hughes: “Falberoth’s Ruin
  24. Matthew Hughes: “Finding Sajessarian
  25. Matthew Hughes: “Mastermindless
  26. Matthew Hughes: “Relics of the Thim
  27. Dean Ing: “Cathouse
  28. Dean Ing: “Fleas
  29. Naomi Kritzer: “The Good Son
  30. Jay Lake: “Last Plane to Heaven
  31. John Lambshead: “The Temple of Thorns
  32. Sharon Lee & Steve Miller: “Misfits
  33. Edward M. Lerner: “A Stranger in Paradise
  34. Edward M. Lerner: “At the Watering Hole
  35. Shariann Lewitt: “Camelot
  36. Brad Linaweaver: “And to the Republic For Which It Stands
  37. Marissa Lingen: “Loki’s Net
  38. Marissa Lingen: “Making Alex Frey
  39. Elisabeth Malartre: “Darwin’s Suitcase
  40. Todd McCaffrey: “Tribute
  41. Jack McDevitt: “Indomitable
  42. L. E. Modesitt, Jr.: “Astralis
  43. Elizabeth Moon: “Tradition
  44. Ruth Nestvold: “Mars: “A Traveler’s Guide
  45. Larry Niven: “Smut Talk
  46. Larry Niven: “The Color of Sunfire
  47. Jody Lynn Nye: “Virtually, A Cat
  48. Robert Reed: “Floating Over Time” (Audio)
  49. Robert Reed: “Roxie” (Audio)
  50. Robert Reed: “The Visionaries” (Audio)
  51. Robert Reed: “Two Sams
  52. Mike Resnick: “Article of Faith
  53. Mike Resnick: “Chartreuse Mansions
  54. Mike Resnick: “Christmas Eve at Harvey Wallbanger’s
  55. Mike Resnick: “El Presidente
  56. Mike Resnick: “Honorable Enemies
  57. Mike Resnick: “The Big Guy
  58. Mike Resnick: “The Island of Annoyed Souls
  59. Benjamin Rosenbaum & Cory Doctorow: “True Names
  60. Chuck Rothman: “A Date With Patti Pleezmi
  61. Fred Saberhagen: “The Long Way Home
  62. Fred Saberhagen: “Volume PAA-PYX
  63. J. Simon: “The Rings of Ragnaran
  64. Bud Sparhawk: “Primrose and Thorn
  65. Bud Sparhawk: “Pumpkin
  66. Bud Sparhawk: “The Super
  67. S. M. Stirling: “Cops and Robbers
  68. S. M. Stirling: “Lost Legion
  69. S. M. Stirling: “Riding Shotgun to Armageddon
  70. S. M. Stirling: “Roachstompers
  71. S. M. Stirling: “The Charge of Lee’s Brigade
  72. S. M. Stirling: “The Sixth Sun
  73. S. M. Stirling: “Three Walls – 32nd Campaign
  74. Eric James Stone: “Premature Emergence
  75. Mark Thies: “Incursion
  76. E. Catherine Tobler: “Waking Ophelia
  77. Tom Van Natta: “Ted
  78. Carrie Vaughn: “Free Space
  79. Carrie Vaughn: “Swing Time
  80. David Weber: “The Traitor
  81. Bud Webster: “The Lordly Loofah
  82. K. D. Wentworth: “Kaleidoscope
  83. Eric Witchey: “Running Water to L.A.
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3 Comments on 95 Recently-Free SF/F Stories

  1. You know what’s so cool is, you could take two or three stories a month and do a whole Reading Group just around free SF that authors have put out there for consumption. And I bet you’d never run out.

    I love it. I take posts like this and leave it, and a story or two at a time, open. And then in odd moments, I just flip to that tab and read some short fiction. It takes me ages to work through these lists, but I love that they exist.

    Hooray for free.

    (And actually, it works, in that I can’t necessarily afford to buy a novel by S.M. Stirling to find out if I like the author, since books get pricier by the day it seems…but I can easily read several short stories and like ’em. And then the author becomes a sure bet and I’ll happily spend the money on the books. Free stuff on the ‘net really accomplishes something.)

  2. You know, sfsignal should start a reading group.  We could have weekly readings and post about it here.

  3. Hmmm…That’s an idea. About the closest we come now is the bookshelf on the home page…

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