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At the Trailer Park: Terminator Salvation, Star Trek, FAQ About Time Travel

Another batch of juicy trailers for all you trailer-hungry SciFi fans…

Terminator Salvation

OK, I can no longer hear that voice without thinking of Batman. But giant robots and cool motorcycle stunts might make me forget about the God-awful television series.

Star Trek

Yet another trailer for one of 2009’s most anticipated films. Some nice new footage and a more dramatic score. Despite my inability to separate Quinto from Sylar, I’m pumped. Another cool-looking reboot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

I like the time travel subgenre and the star, Chris O’Dowd, cracks me up on the BBC sitcom The IT Crowd. This is being billed with the catch-phrase “Shaun Of The Dead meets Back To The Future”. I’m not sure I trust such a line, but it does look like a fun movie. Dumb fun, to be sure, but fun nonetheless.

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