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Books Received: March 2, 2009

In the interest of full disclosure, here are the books we received this past week.

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3 Comments on Books Received: March 2, 2009

  1. I reviewed Imager Friday, it was a good read, and a nice start to the series. The Last Paladin looks interesting…don’t remember seeing either of the first 2 books in the series in the stores, though. Haven’t noticed any reviews of it online, either.

  2. Question:

    I used to look forward to’s frequent reviews of new books coming out and miss the feature they’ve replaced to less useful content. Do you know of any site which reviews books on a frequent basis, like more than just monthly and covers new releases?

    The sites which google lists first tend to be monthly and sometimes books are reviewed which aren’t new. I’ve looked and can’t find what I’m used to from the old scifi format.

    I know the question is off topic, but I thought others might want to know.

  3. That Imager cover looks like it is playing on Harry Potter recognition.

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