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I Love The Smell Of Catnip In The Morning: ‘APOCALYPSE MEOW’

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with the really weird, but oddly entertaining, ideas. Way back when, in 1998, the manga Cat S**t One (Apocalypse Meow in the US) told the story of three US soldiers, part of a recon group, performing their missions during Vietnam. Studio Anima is now working on a CGI adaptation of Apocalypse Meow, but moving the story forward to the Iranian hostage crisis. So far, so okay.

What’s weird about this you may ask? Did I mention the soldiers are actually anthropomorphized bunnies? Yes, bunnies with sniper rifles. You can’t get better than that. Check out the trailer for the film below. Of course, this is totally ridiculous since we all know anthropomorphizes bunnies don’t speak Japanese! (Sorry, no English, or other, subtitles. But really, do you need them?) Also, WARNING, may be too violent for people with weak constitutions, poor hearts or a love of bunnies.

Little bunny foo foo, sneaking through the desert.

Picking out the field mice and sniping them in the head.

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3 Comments on I Love The Smell Of Catnip In The Morning: ‘APOCALYPSE MEOW’

  1. JP, your posts are so full of WIN lately…. I’m having a hard time containing myself.

  2. What is wrong with bunnies with rifles? Have you seen the uncut version of “Watership Down”?

    Seriously, in the dawn of time, when SF-RPG’s were new, bright, clean and squeaky, one of them (either a Fantasy Games Unlimited game or maybe TSR’s original “Gamma World”) had an illustration of automatic-armed rabbits. One of our players called them…Thunder Bunnies.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. You’re huntin’ wabbits? They’re hunting YOU.

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