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Saturday Morning Watchmen

What?!? 2 hours went by without a single Watchmen reference? Well, let’s put a fix to that right now!

This comes via that great purveyor of retro pop culture, Chris Roberson. It’s Saturday Morning Watchmen. There are quite a few references to the graphic novel. But you’ve read that already, haven’t you?

Night Owl eating pizza. Classic.

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4 Comments on Saturday Morning Watchmen

  1. Moonbase_Alpha // March 5, 2009 at 6:06 pm //


    gives me hope that some day we’ll really get to see some of that “Watchmen Babies:  V for Vacation” dvd shown in the Simpsons!!

  2. Aww man, the video wasn’t up! Oh, well, no worries.


  3. Sweet!! It’s working now and I’m glad it did. That was funny.

  4. To my shame, I have not yet read the graphic novel.

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