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TOC: Weird Tales #352

Jeff VanderMeer shares a Weird Tales cover (by Vance Kelly) that’s so incredibly cool, it deserves its own post.

Here is the issue’s table of contents:


  • “How to Play With Dolls” by by Matthew Cheney
  • “Far & Wee” by by Kathe Koja
  • “The Last Great Clown Hunt” by by Chris Furst
  • “A Lake of Spaces” by by Tim Pratt
  • “Catastrophe” by by Felix Gilman
  • “The Matching Pair” by by Mark Budman
  • “Ms Ito’s Bird” by by Chris Ward
  • “Wendigo” by by Michaela Morrissette
  • “Purr” by by Michael Bishop
  • “My True Lovecraft Gave to Me” by by Eric Lis
  • “The Man With the Myriad Scars” by by Ben Thomas

Feature – “Neil Gaiman: The Weird Tales Interview” by Lisa Mantchev


  • The Bazaar by fantastical clocks and bizarre books
  • The Library by Gene Wolfe goes Broadway
  • Lost In Lovecraft by a literary journey with Kenneth Hite
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