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Tube Bits For 03/09/2009

Superhero flavored bits today! Mmmmm.

  • In a move sure to shock and enrage John, NBC has given the green light to season 4 of Heroes! I guess NBC must not have anything else in the pipeline to replace this tired, worn out show that, sadly, peaked during its first season.
  • Remember the good old days of Heroes, when the show was riding high and there was talk of a spin-off, Heroes: Origins, which would focus on six brand new characters? If you’ve been waiting for Origins, tough luck as NBC has canned (ok, ‘postponed till later’) the spin-off. I’d say why not give it a go, but with different writers…
  • The cable channel FX is known for their gritty dramas, and now it looks like they are taking on the superhero genre as they are adapting the comic book Powers for the small screen. If you read the article, it sounds a lot like Heroes, but with superheros meet Homicide Life on the Streets vibe, it may be cool. Has anyone read the Powers comics? Look for this to go through if Watchmen is successful.
  • The land of snow, reindeer and darkness is doing something really cool. The Norwegian public broadcaster is setting up their own Bittorrent tracker and making all of their programs available, free of charge, to the torrent nets at large. Additionally, they are releasing them DRM free and with Norwegian subtitle files provided. They also say if anyone wants to fansub, go for it. Totally awesome! Note to PBS: All of your programming is paid for, in large part, by forced taxpayer donations. Why not give some of that back to the people who help pay for it? If the Norwegians can do this, why won’t you?
  • Of course, part of our taxpayer funding goes to NPR, which produces NPR 360. A few days ago they released their round table discussion with Keith R.A. DeCandido, David Mack and others as they discuss Watchmen and its impact on pop culture [via ComicMix]:

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  1. Yes, I was shocked…as I said here.  RTFB!

  2. Yes, Powers is excellent.

  3. Gerry Allen // March 10, 2009 at 12:03 pm //

    PBS is primarily funded by trusts, corporations and voluntary contributions from viewers, not taxpayer dollars.  The Bush administration gutted the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. If you really want to see PBS streaming (BTW, PBS does not own lots of its content), organize a funding drive.

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