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Tube Bits For 03/23/2009

  • As you might imagine, we’ve got Battlestar Galactica links for you. Several. First up, Sarah Actually goes into detail about what BG now means to her. And she has a positive reaction to the finale. This is one of the very few positive reactions to the ending that I’ve seen.
  • Contrast the above with Cinema Blend’s contention that the finale was a huge cop out. It’s looking like the detractors are focusing on the ‘God did it’ angle has a huge disappointment. I don’t necessarily have an issue with that, but the groundwork before hand was not set down well enough to hang the finale on that. I did find the anti-technology bent to be a bit odd for a science fiction show. Who knew Michale Crichton wrote for the show?
  • Way back when, Ron Moore and company started Galactica saying the Cylons ‘had a plan’. Those words disappeared from the opening when it became clear that neither the Cylons nor the writers actually knew what ‘the plan’ was. Maybe the Joker stole it. In any case, SyFy (ugh) will be televising a movie later in the year that shows things from the Cylon point of view as they launch their rebellion. It’s called The Plan and was written by Jane Espenson. Here is the teaser in case you missed it:
  • Finally, Galactica‘s spin-off, Caprica will air in 2010, with the DVD of the pilot going on sale on April 21st. Interesting. SyFy also aired a teaser for Caprica during the finale (I was less than impressed), see it below:
  • Doc Arzt wonders what LOST fans can learn from BG’s series finale. He’s looking at it from the fan community perspective and wonders whether the LOST finale will splinter the fans or cement the together. I’d say they’d have to royally screw up to splinter the fans. The current season has been great, way better than Galactica.
  • Sci Fi president Dave Howe answers viewer question about the name change and future direction of SyFy. As you’d expect, the negative reactions continue to pour forth. It’s hard to imagine they channel could hack off the core SF audience more if it tried. That said, it should be apparent the a SF only oriented show does not have a large enough audience to create a profitable network, hence the slow change in the channel culminating in the recent name switch. I think there’s an opportunity here from some enterprising folks to put together a SF only Internet channel…
  • We also got to see the trailer for SyFy’s new series, Wharehouse 13. It looks like they are trying to emulate Eureka‘s lighter tone, but it will all hinge on the two lead characters. I didn’t get a warm fuzzy. You decide:
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2 Comments on Tube Bits For 03/23/2009

  1. “Wharehouse 13”?

  2. SF Fangirl // March 24, 2009 at 9:52 pm //

    Warehouse 13 … Ditto.  Great idea, but I don’t think the second string leads are going to carry it.  Also great potential for repetitiveness of plot.

    Caprica … intrigueing, but a sci fi soap opera won’t make it.

    OTOH I will admit that I doubted that BSG would make and Lost.  (Love BSG and never gave Lost a chance.  By the time it was obvious that Lost would last, I was too far behind to catch up.  And now it seems to be some sort of fantasy which is not my cup of tea.)  I pretty much am unoptimistic that any intelligent genre show will last or any genre show for that matter.

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