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Tube Bits For 03/27/2009

  • With Galactica having ended its run, everyone has their own thoughts on the finale. Some good, some bad. And some you wouldn’t see coming, but might be better than what you go. Not A Planet Anymore gives us 15 Totally Unexpected Alternate Endings to BG. I particularly liked the Bob Newhart idea…
  • The Athens Exchange (and ouch, be careful how you read their URL!) reviews NBC’s new series, Kings. They see it as having potential (as do I) if it can get past the poor ratings. It looks like it will be a political drama at heart, although the pilot was a bit heavy handed in some of its intentions. I’ll give it a chance.
  • Heroes appears to be NBS’s cheerleader: the series that just won’t die. With the demise of Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller is back on the show as a ‘consulting producing’ and Screen Rant says, after Monday’s showing, he should be writing the episodes from now on. Can anyone here back up that claim? Was the last episode better than the previous?
  • The SyFy ‘love fest’ continues as Mitch Rubenstein, one of the original founders of the channel, says the new name is ‘dumb’.Okay, so he thinks Isaac Asimov would think so (read the story for background), but quite clearly he thinks so too, as do all right thinking people. Sadly, Dave Howe (big cheese at SyFy) says they tested SFC and Beyond but couldn’t use them due to trademark or URL issues (then why even test them?), and in any case, fans would be completely against a total name change. As opposed to be completely upset with a stupid name change.
  • Many times adaptations of books for the movies or TV fall flat. So it’s with caution that I read that Robert J. Sawyer is praising the adaptation of his novel, Flash Forward. At the very least, he is writing an episode of the series which is very promising. I’ll definitely tune in this fall to see how good it is, though I will say Brannon Braga does not exactly fill me with confidence.
  • If you’re like me, you remember watching the great PBS series Cosmos, hosted by the late Carl Sagan, when it first aired. If you’ve wanted to re-watch it, but didn’t want to shell out the bucks to purchase it, your cheapness has paid off! Hulu now has all 13 episodes online for your viewing pleasure. The first episode is below:

    The scientific community lost a great champion with his passing. I don’t think anyone has stepped up to fill his shoes. [via Scalzi]

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5 Comments on Tube Bits For 03/27/2009

  1. Thanks for the link, JP!

  2. Apparently the love fest with the Syfy name gets weirder. The agency is distancing itself from the credit, also NBC-U registered LOL funny! More here:

    Apparently they are also already shooting the new campaign in LA, was on that site i quoted earlier, but not there anymore, it’s been updated a lot today.

  3. Heroes appears to be NBS’s cheerleader…”

    Which network would that be?



  4. Winterstark // March 27, 2009 at 10:30 am //

    The last episode of Heroes truly was better. The current season has been horrendous and I don’t know why I keep torturing myself with the show but, after this episode, I think Bryan Fuller can turn things around. I just hope the other episodes, which aren’t officially written by him, won’t suck.


    As for Kings, the pilot kind of disappointed me. Ian McShane is great, but the other characters are boring and the story in general seems poorly written.


    Another new series, Castle, was a pleasant surprise. Although not SF it should interest most Firefly fans by starring Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, a bestselling mystery writer, whose books inspire a serial killer to copy-cat the fictional murders. The plot may not be very original but it’s fun and the half-serious, witty dialog at times resembles Whedon’s.

  5. From the Galactica ending link:

    3) Athena and Boomer settle their personal scores, and the fate of humanity and the Cylons, by jumping into an inflatable pool for a hot oil wrestling match.

    Oh, goodness – had they had this kind of content, I would have kept watching.  I think I will now go and simulate this ending with my Boomer action figures…


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