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WINNERS: Spectrum 16 Awards

The winners of the 16th annual Spectrum Awards, celebrating the best in fantastical art, have been announced.

From the press release:

The jury for the sixteenth annual Spectrum competition convened in Kansas City, MO on the weekend February 27, 2009 to make their selections from over 5000 works of fantastic-themed art for this year’s book. Spectrum is the

only art annual with specific categories devoted to Comics and Concept Art and was the first to feature an Unpublished category.

The jury has given special recognition for superior achievement to the following artists in each of eight categories….

And the winners are…


  • Gold Award: Ryohei Hase (“Go Forward and Forward”/ client: FIGHTSTAR/Raw Power Management)
  • Silver Award: Yuko Shimizu (“Little Red Polka Dots and Other Stories” /client: Microsoft UltimatePC)


  • Gold Award: Petar Meseldzija (illustration for THE LEGEND OF STEEL BASHAW / client: Zmaj, Novi Sad)
  • Silver Award: Jean-Baptiste Monge (“Dunlee Darnan” / client: Au Bord des Continents…)


  • Gold Award: Jon Foster (cover to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #14 / client: Dark Horse Comics)
  • Silver Award: Aleksi Briclot (“Annihilation: Conquest #5” / client: Marvel Entertainment, Inc.)


  • Gold Award: Daniel Dociu (“Mole Tunnels” / client: ArenaNet/Guildwars)
  • Silver Award: Kekai Kotaki (“Snow Battle” / client: ArenaNet/Guildwars)


  • Gold Award: Akhito (“Elegant Medusa” / resin)
  • Silver Award: David Meng (“Satyr’s Head” / polymer clay)


  • Gold Award: Craig Elliott (“Damali Richards” / client: Devil’s Candy Store
  • Silver Award: Nate Van Dyke (“Pool Hall Brawl” / client: Juxtapoz Magazine)


  • Gold Award: James Gurney (“Song In the Garden” / client: Maison D’Ailleurs)
  • Silver Award: Jaime Jones (“Progenitus” / client: Wizards of the Coast)


  • Gold Award: Jeremy Enecio (“Koi”)
  • Silver Award: David Laub (“She’s Back”)

The Spectrum Grand Master Award is presented to a living artist for career excellence: this year’s honoree will be announced at a future date.

The next Spectrum (#17) will open for entries in October 2009: information will be available through the mail and the official Spectrum website:

[also via Irene Gallo]

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  1. Concept Art: Daniel Dociu and Kekai Kotaki are really Masters. Their art is superb, no wonder how they sweep the awards! Well done!

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