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Final Nebula Stories Reviewed

Thanks to Vera Nazarian, I was able to get review copies of the stories “The Duke in His Castle” and “Night Wind”. These were the only two stories that were not included in my original review of the 2008 Nebula Award Short Fiction Nominees.

That post has now been updated with those reviews.

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2 Comments on Final Nebula Stories Reviewed

  1. I just finished reading the last of the short stories for the Nebula Awards. The only one I did not get a chance to read was Night Wind, by Mary Rosenblum. I have ranked my top 3 in each category before seeing your picks. I will also have the pleasure of attending the Awards Banquet tonight. I live in the LA area and am a big SF fan. For the last two months I have been visiting this site every day, and will continue to do so. I love it. Thanks.


      1) The Spacetime Pool

      2) Dark Heaven

      3) The Political Prisoner


      1) The Ray-Gun: A Love Story

      2) Dark Rooms

      3) Pride and Prometheus

    Short Story:

      1) 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss

      2) Mars: A Traveler’s Guide

      3) The Button Bin

  2. We’ll find out tonight how close our picks match those of the voters!

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