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SF Tidbits for 4/10/09

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3 Comments on SF Tidbits for 4/10/09

  1. Who approved this remake? Retribution must commence! Release the Kraken!!! Seriously, Sir Laurence Olivier is probably rolling over in his grave, albeit through the method of posthumous digital restoration…


    I recently picked up the original in a bargain bin.  It still holds up even if the stop motion animation isn’t as slick as CGI. The DVD wasn’t of great quality, though.


    I also understand that the plot is seriously different this time.  And since Greek Myth and stories have a tradition of being told and retold with different variations, I am actually okay with this.  After all, this might mean that a *good* DVD version of the original might get released!

  2. I just wanted an excuse to say “Release the Kraken!!!” πŸ™‚

  3. WHY…don’t we all have t-shirts that say “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!” on them, and what is being done to rectify this? And why is rectify such a creepy word?

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